Déginën alban, kriashasinën da•ia taz toere,
piántinën da•ia nosu tokan,
Vosu'san opjhën sha•i va•isas ab nosu ëk vosu'san
brinstën da•ia amkane sha•i witas ab nosu.
Mo•astrans ab taz kamitsae veuarda da•ia
vakonktre ank nosu,
Taro nosu panktos ab uniag vosu ont

Dance with your heart, dance how you feel, that’s how you know the dancer is real ~ Charles Nguyen (Poreotics)

Once you lose the joy of dancing the passion goes along with it. Everyone can become amazing dancers, but think about the true reason you are dancing for. Fun or Fame? (Danny V. Batimana)

It's a lot of dedication and passion.. (Matt "Dumbo" Vinh Quan Nguyen)

Nothing is impossible. The moment you say “I can’t” is when you make it impossible. (Can Trong Nguyen)

Learn to laugh at your mistakes, that way you'll never run out of things to laugh about (Lawrence Devera)